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Libby Schreiber

The work exhibited at MASTERWORKS is a selection of images I have completed in the last 3 years, whilst I’ve been on maternity leave from teaching. Although I majored in painting at University, my preferred medium has become Relief Printmaking.

My work is very personal in the sense that it reflects my thoughts about my life and how and where everything and everyone else fits into it. I am quite self analytical and my art acts as a kind of visual diary.  At times the truth is stretched, at other times humour is used to help me see the light side of life.  At the end of the day I want my work to be accessible to all, so I use objects and symbols that are familiar to most of us with a little stylization.

Some of my images come to me seemingly out of the blue whilst others are the result of focusing on a thematic starting point. When I have a few ideas I begin drawing onto the lino and re-work the image until it comes together which can take months.  Print is an exciting medium as you never really know until you print, whether the image has been successful or not.  I hope to continue developing my imagery and techniques well into the future.


The Awakening, 2007
Relief Print
720 x 720
Ref: LS091


Seasons, 2008
Relief Print
680 x 680
Ref: LS092


My Place, 2009 Limited Edition
Relief Print
670 x 500
Ref: LS093